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We think that we're not one more digital marketing agency which offering SEO and Google AdWords services we can always offer more. We like to make work a little differently. We furiously seek to achieve goals and difficult decisions we present simple and clear way. We know hot to engage your target audience and ensure it's participation. Our task is to increase your web traffic. Our campaigns effectively and quickly attract new customers.


Logo design questionnaire

In order to create a unique logo to stand out from others, propagate certain values, we need to get the answers to these basic logo design questions:
1. What is the name of your company?
2. What services / products you offer to your customers?
3. Describe your business? What are the objectives of your business / activities?
4. How in one sentence would you present yourself to the target audience?
5. How would you describe your business in one word?
6. What are the strengths and weaknesses sides of your company?
7. What are your future plans? What are the objectives of the company to set for 5, 10 or 30 years?
8. Who are your competitors? What makes you different from other competitors?
9. What is the target audience of your company?
a) What’s the age group of your audience?
b) Is it male or female?
c) How customers should identify your company in one word?
d) Where from Customers find out about your business?
e) How do you plan to communicate with your customers?
10. About the brand:
a) What are the values and mission of your company?
b) What is the current logo of your company?
c) What do you like and dislike in the current logotype?
d) Why did you decide to change the logo?
e) In what words would you describe your current logo (look and tell what you feel now)?
f) Would you like that with your logo design would be seen slogan? What is it?
g) What words best describe your brand? Traditional or modern? Friendly or company’s group? Top-level or economical? User or trade?
h) Why do you use colors, fonts and style from the current logo?
11. The choice of logo design style
a) What colors do you like from the color palette and why?
b) Where and how do you plan to use the designed logo?
c) Are there any elements that you would like to see in new designed logo?
d) What is a successful logo in your opinion?
e) Is there some sort of restrictions that we should know before starting a logo design Šiauliai?
f) What are the logos you like? Show us few examples.
g) Are there any designed logos that you do not like? Show us few examples.
h) What style should be your new designed logo? (Solid, funny, extravagant, etc.).
i) Specify the contact person who will make the final decision on this logo design project? (The fewer decision-makers the less stress to the client).
j) How often you would like to know at which point of the task we are with your logo design project?
12. Do you have any additional observations which we should know before starting to create a new logo design?
All these answers will allow us faster and easier to know the client and clearer, faster to form a creative task for logo designers.

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We like to make work a little differently.
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